How often should we have preventive dental check-ups?

There is no universal answer to how often we should go for dental check-ups. It is considered advisable to visit the dental office at least once a year. In fact, the recommended frequency of visits depends on the condition of the teeth and oral cavity.

Even if you do not have pain, bleeding or other complaints, it is good to be strict in preventive examinations. Serious problems can be avoided if the diseases are diagnosed in time. The treatment of any dental problem at the first symptoms is easier and can be fixed more easily.

Your dentist should make sure that the oral cavity is balanced in order to move on to dental advice and assessment of dental health and hygiene. It is important to get specific guidelines for proper oral hygiene. Depending on your condition and dental habits, your doctor will determine how often you should go for a check-up.

There are specific cases that require more frequent examinations. These are: crowded teeth, untreated orthodontic anomalies, growing wisdom teeth and others. These conditions are more likely to cause problems and poor hygiene due to the position of the teeth.

What practices do we use at Avi Dent?

At Avi Dent Dental Clinic we have created the following process: initial examination, cleaning and polishing, treatment and training for home maintenance. During the initial examination we get acquainted with the health condition and habits of the patient. We move on to cleaning tartar and polishing teeth to remove bacterial plaque and stains from teeth. Once we diagnose any problems with the oral cavity, we eliminate them with appropriate treatment. The training consists of advice on appropriate products and techniques for oral hygiene, and the guidelines are strictly individual according to the condition of each patient.

We continue to conduct several examinations at 1, 3, 6 and 12 months, during which we control the level of hygiene. If necessary – we give additional advice on the correct implementation of the technique. For demonstration, we use training toothpastes and other plaque coloring products.

Creating habits takes time, but is achieved successfully through perseverance and patience. It is important for us to make sure that the patient can take proper care of his teeth and / or dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures. Once we are sure that the routine is correct, we start doing the examinations every 6 months. In case the patient manages to maintain proper hygiene and does not accumulate tartar and plaque – we examine, clean and polish once a year. For patients who have difficulties with technique or due to the specifics of their teeth, we recommend 2 visits per year. Of course, there are more critical situations in which patients have to visit the clinic every 3 months.

The frequency and need for preventive examinations depends entirely on the dental health and support of the patient. We will always take the time to show you how to take the best care of your teeth!