We share with you a case of restoration with 2 implants and 4 metal-ceramic crowns on front teeth. As a result of the trauma, the patient came with a broken front bridge and a broken supporting tooth underneath. Because there is a missing tooth, a plan is made to restore the smile by extracting the root, placing two implants and a bone graft at a time to fill in the missing volume of bone in the area of ​​the extracted tooth.

Prior to the start of the work, a temporary bridge on the reaming two teeth was made, to hold the two teeth in place so that the patient would not leave the clinic with missing teeth, and digital planning was undertaken to place 2 implants using a digital surgical guide.

Two implants and 1cc of bone were placed and covered with a membrane.

The patient has an enviable healing process even before 15 days have passed.

4 months after the implants were placed and an X-ray was taken, they were uncovered and an impression was taken for new temporary structures to be wrapped around the implants themselves. The patient is given the so-called sulcus formers, as the already old temporary construction is set not to interfere, but also not to disturb the visual aesthetics of the smile.

New temporary screw-retained teeth were made on the implants and the patient was prepared for a soft tissue graft in order to shape the pink aesthetic. The temporary teeth have been corrected twice in order to shape the gum and the eruption profile of the tooth.

Due to the decision not to do the soft tissue graft, the patient was definitively restored with 4 metal-ceramic crowns.