Stable denture on 2 implants

We present you a short but difficult clinical case, full of smiles and satisfaction, because at the end we achieved our goal.

The patient came to us with a request to improve the stability of her lower denture, because she cannot eat normally and struggles, and also is in remission after gastric cancer and must be able to eat properly. The patient’s desire was so sincere that despite all the circumstances, we decided to explore the possibilities for additional stability of the denture through implants.

Despite the risks and the strongly atrophic jaw of the patient, we still found an option to place 2 implants. The patient showed an enviable state of health, perfect blood test results and most of all a strong and positive attitude, which motivated us even more.

The severe atrophy of the jaw and the lack of a good place to position implants was a challenge. We planned the making of a digital surgical guide to help us be as accurate as possible in the placement, as there was no room for error.

The implants were placed, we observed an impressively fast bone integration. The patient unconditionally followed our instructions. And in the end – with executive people, precise planning, a good and faithful partner in the development of the guide and a great team in the clinic, the result can not be other than positive.

The new denture is quite stable compared to the long-atrophied jaw, and our patient is already eating well and calls us regularly to share the good news again and again.

Denture placement and stability test: