Smooth teeth: whim or necessity?

„Your smile will give you a positive countenance that will make people feel comfortable around you.“ – Les Brown

Our teeth are created by nature in a perfect and smooth shape. This helps for easier and more effective maintenance. Smoothness can be disrupted for a variety of reasons: consumption of coffee, cigarettes, colored foods, as well as tooth breakage, poorly adapted fillings and crowns, etc. Any change in the anatomy of the tooth can lead to the creation of spaces that accumulate plaque and food much more easily. It becomes quite difficult to remove them, sometimes even impossible. This can lead to many complications – secondary caries, tartar formation, gingivitis.

A few tips for maintaining smooth teeth:

  • do not skip any step from your daily oral hygiene and consider the advices of your personal dentist
  • do not try to remove stains and grooves at home – usage of abrasives can irreversibly damage the tooth surface to an extent that it can no longer be smoothened
  • avoid frequent consumption of highly acidic foods, carbonated beverages, products with high sugar content
  • reduce the consumption of “tooth dyes” – cigarettes, red wine, coffee and more.

Modern dentistry offers several ways to restore the smoothness of the teeth. They are performed by a dentist, only in a dental office.

  1. The first and classic way is performed with polishing paste and brush. It is suitable for with spots and deposits, but does not cope well with persistent ones.
  2. The second way is through Air Flow. It uses pure fine soda powder, which directed to the tooth surface under pressure with air and water, removес successfully slightly to moderately persistent stains and plaque.
  3. The third and most modern way is through AquaCare. This is a device specially designed for polishing (and other applications). It uses powder on different bases, with different pearl sizes, ethanol solution for disinfection and compressed air. It removes persistent deposits and stains.

The advantages are, as follows:

  • fast and successful procedure in one visit
  • the powder contains 99% Novamin, which is a cutting edge technology for rapid reduction of tooth sensitivity and blockage of the canals responsible for it
  • painless and contactless
  • the shine of the teeth is restored in a few days

Almost every dental problem comes from a place where the smoothness and anatomy of the tooth has been disturbed, so see your dentist for regular check-ups and keep your teeth smooth and clean. This leads to good health and a bright smile.

Before and after cleaning with AquaCare